For Model Years 2001 thru 2010 (will not fit 2011 and newer)

I purchased my illusion blue GL1800 new in 2002. It is undeniably, and without dispute, the greatest touring bike available. I experienced the front fork instability problems from day one. After going the dealer denial route and putting up with the problem for another two years, I decided to tackle the problem on my own.

Using the same technology used on many sport bikes and the LT1200 BMW touring bike that has a factory-installed damper, I developed the GL1800 Steering Stabilizer utilizing the race-proven HyperPro™ steering damper. My original desire was to eliminate the front tire cupping. On my maiden test drive, down the twisties, I was so impressed by the handling improvement I almost forgot about the original issues!

After an extensive development and testing program I arrived at the final product. Many thousands of miles have proven this unit to be a totally effective means of addressing the GL1800 problem. I am now offering the product to all GL1800 owners. You will not be disappointed!

Walt Tjepkes, Owner
Seeley Products

Seeley Products' patented GL1800 Steering Stabilizer will make your Honda Gold Wing handle like a dream.